Fevrie is a fashion house that speaks to the modern woman. Inspired by the French style and culture, the brand embodies a true collaboration between the sophistication of Europe and the lively spirit of America. Intertwining the two creates the ultimate tie between success and fun!

Fevrie is the destination for chic, trendy, contemporary fashion. The brand evokes a certain mindset: an attitude – not an age, an approach – not a routine. Fevrie is a true trend setting destination; original in style, always taking the next step forward in fashion. Specifically tailored to the sexy, confident, stand out woman, Fevrie is a global label that embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle with a unique twist.

We know what you need in order to be the “it girl.” Our brand and culture aims to be diverse and evolving based on each woman’s personal style. Each Fevrie Fashionista has their own attitude, which we want to them to embrace in ensemble: challenge life and lead the way one outfit at a time! Our consistent design and quality is exactly why our fans know they can trust us with the latest trends and styles to fit their diverse fashion-lifestyles.