Fevrie's Affiliate Program

Fevrie is a trend-setting destination; original in style, always on the hunt for the next step forward in fashion. Our brand speaks to the stand out woman; Fevrie is a label that embodies a poised, sophisticated lifestyle with a unique twist. 

Our brand and culture is constantly evolving based on each woman’s personal style. Each Fevrie Fashionista has their own boldness, which we want them to embrace: take on life and lead the way one outfit at a time!

We are growing fast, and want you to help us spread the word to stylish girls like yourself who love fashion as much as we do! We want to inspire women to push life to its limits with trend setting style, infectious confidence and everything in-between!

About the program

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, social media aficionado, or a rising trend-setter, you can start earning money through the Fevrie Fashion Affiliate Program by showing your fans and followers our trendy, unique emerging brand. 

The program is easy, free of charge and rewards you with commissions on every sale that originated from your site or social media channel. To begin: we will provide you with everything you need from customized links to promotional banners – we will eliminate any of the hard work! Then… that’s basically it! Each time a customer comes from your site to ours and makes a purchase, you will gain extra shopping cash. Yes, it’s that easy!




The General Affiliate Program is for anyone looking to add a fashion boost to their website while earning commission on the ultimate in fashion and accessories. Apply now to start monetizing your site and take your affiliate revenues to the next level.


Are you a style blogger or fashion enthusiast with a following? Let us help you and your fans with the convenience that takes them directly to what they’re searching for while at the same time earning revenue for you. Our Fashion Pro Affiliate Program is easy and provides discounts and promotions that will give you and your fans the cutting edge in fashion.